Colloidal Silver Use

Colloidal Silver Use

Colloidal Silver 1100 PPM

This True Colloidal Silver 1100 PPM contains 99.95% pure silver,

deionized water, 0.001 micron particles with a silver concentration of 1100 PPM. 30 day Supply. Colloidal Silver Immune Support is the oldest, most studied of all colloidal silvers.This True Colloidal Silver Immune Support contains 99.95% pure silver, deionized water, 0.001 micron sized particles, with a silver concentration of 1100 PPM. 30 day Supply. This is a mild protein silver.Colloidal Silver Uses, a natural alternative to antibiotics, Colloidal Silver Uses, a natural alternative to antibiotics.

Colloidal Silver Uses have increased since 1938

when Colloidal Silver was released as an over the counter supplement instead of a prescription drug.

The Wall Street Journal wrote of how colloidal silver has integrated with hospitals, the military, industry leaders as well as individuals like you and me.


Big business engages colloidal silver:

Curad USA, makers of hospital bandages lined with nano-silver particles now has released Curad Silver Bandages for the home use instead of a Band-aid. Curad claims “that silver reduced bacterial growth like Staph. aureaus, E. coli, E. hirae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa”.

Samsung Electronics has introduced a refrigerator and new laundry washing machine that uses silver ions to sanitize the laundry and eliminate 99% of odor causing bacteria (sold at Lowe’s and Best Buy). Plank, a Boston company, has launched a new soap for Yoga users that lists silver as the main active ingredient. The company has a toothpaste and shampoo in R&D that is imbued with silver.

ARC Outdoors uses silver infused fabric from NanHorizon Inc. to produce antimicrobial socks for the U.S. military. SmartSilver is a brand of odor-eliminating underwear, stocking caps and gloves that kills bacteria on contact using nano-particle-sized-silver. ARC sells to Wal-Mart, Bass ProShops, Cabela’s and wants to expand to hospital products such as sheets and surgical scrubs.

Sharper Image has introduced a plastic food storage container that is infused with nano-silver particles that they claim will keep food fresher, longer.

Read the rest of this at article originally posted May 31, 2016, at colloidal silver benefits

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