Colloidal Silver Use

Colloidal Silver Use

About Colloidal Silver Use

Colloidal silver use has grown to be included in large industrial settings, medicine and continues as a supplement. In most cases colloidal silver use is defined as a natural bacteria and virus killer. Large industry now include colloidal silver use in the manufacturing of food containers to prevent spoilage, shoes, socks and material to prevent bacteria growth that causes orders, washing machines for bacteria and virus free laundry,
buy colloidal silver Nowwater purification plants for safe driking water, hospitals have known of colloidal silver use in bandages,colloidal silver use new born eye care and linens for years. Colloidal silver use in the body is as one of the essential 75 trace colloidal minerals needed for good health. Colloidal silver use as a supplement is world wide as an immune support. Colloidal silver use as colloidal silver soap is one of the newest introductions that is a great way to gaurd against infection, disease and support great skin growth!

Colloidal silver use

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Food Safety Magazine

Risk of Oligodynamic Silver Use in Food Preservation and Processing Operations
Food Safety Magazine
[31] The European Union (EU), through Codex, has officially banned colloidal silver as a food material. The material can no longer be sold as a dietary supplement in health food stores within the EU.[32,33] The ban was established due to an absence of ...

“Chronic Lyme Disease” Isn't a Real Diagnosis. So Why Are Doctors Prescribing Risky Treatment for It?
Some doctors also use the term chronic Lyme disease to diagnose patients who have otherwise unexplained symptoms (including joint and muscle aches, fatigue, and neurological problems) but no actual evidence they were ever infected with Lyme in the ...
Chronic Lyme Diagnoses 'Nonspecific, Lack Data,' CDC SaysLaboratory Equipment

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The Hippocratic Post (blog)

Water treatment could be damaging DNA - The Hippocratic Post
The Hippocratic Post (blog)
Water treatment could be damaging DNA - Water treatment is vital to maintain human health but a method widely used in developing countries could be ...
Common water treatments could damage genetic material ...Guardian (blog)

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Medical Xpress

Common water treatments could damage DNA -- ScienceDaily
Science Daily
A water treatment widely used in developing countries could be damaging the DNA of those drinking it, warn scientists. Despite poor evidence of their ...
Common water disinfectant could be harming drinkers' DNA in developing

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Cures deemed worse than misdiagnosed chronic Lyme disease
... include “extended courses of antibiotics (lasting months to years), IV infusions of hydrogen peroxide, immunoglobulin therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, electromagnetic frequency treatments, garlic supplements, colloidal silver, and stem cell ...

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What You Need to Know About Manuka Honey
In fact, the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of medical grade honey for wound treatment in 2008, leading to a flood of FDA-approved over the counter medical honey products. Some of these use manuka honey because it has especially potent ...


Why colloidal silver is the buzzy cure-all of the moment
Yes, “it's actually real silver,” explains colloidal silver mega-fan Ildi Pekar. The Hungary-born, New York City-based facialist to celebs like Miranda Kerr and Lindsay Ellingson has a long history with the so-called cure-all; she grew up making it ...

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Bacon has a recipe for strawberry milk with drops of colloidal silver in it; Alex Jones pushes tiny bottles of colloidal silver online for $19.95. Perhaps the biggest difference between the two purveyors is context. Alex Jones sells his merchandise ...

I Pekar Hungarian Thermal Water Tonik
Truth In Aging
Organic white willow bark and citrus peels provide gentle exfoliation while colloidal silver stimulates healing. ... I have used it twice a day for almost a month (without skimping!), and I feel that there is enough product left for at least two or ...


Colloidal Silver Won't Do What It Says
But advocates of so-called alternative medicine resurrect such nostrums from time to time, repackage them with new names and claims of health benefits, and sell them for big bucks. One example is colloidal silver, a suspension of silver particles in ...

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