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Colloidal Silver Use

Wednesday, April 02nd, 2008

Colloidal Silver Use has been defined in the last 103 years

by physicians treating every known bacterial caused disease from acne to yeast infection until the debut of penicillin. Antibiotics took the lead in fighting disease and colloidal silver use was made an across the counter product no longer requiring a prescription for colloidal silver use.

The Wall Street Journal has defined the “Silver Lining” of colloidal silver

as (more WSJ):

a killer of viruses and bacteria, used by;

  • ARC Outdoors, the U.S. Military, socks and underwear (to control bacteria),
  • Hospitals, bandages and sheets, (to prevent Super bugs and virus),
  • Curad, band aids (bacteria)
  • Samsung Electronics, refrigerators &  laundry washing machines, (bacteria)
  • Numerous companies, soaps, toothpaste and shampoo, (bacteria)
  • Adidas, Brooks Sports, & Polartec,  silver coated nylon fabric, athletic and outdoor clothing to kill bacteria,
  • Sharper Image, plastic food storage containers, (bacteria) fresher food longer.

British Broadcasting Company (BBC):

“No Safe and Effective Replacements for Silver (Use)”

“The medicinal properties of silver has been known since at least the times of Hippocrates, the Ancient Greek “father of medicine”, and rely on its toxic effects on pathogens, including bacteria and fungi.

Silver ions kill pathogens by binding to proteins in their cells, making silver compounds ideal for use in antiseptics and wound dressings. Nanoparticles of silver are even woven into socks and other clothing to reduce bacterial and fungal growth – and the odours that arise.

Silver is also used in heart valves and catheters, and researchers are now investigating silver’s potential in killing cancer cells…says Alan Lansdown, an expert in medicinal uses for silver at Imperial College London.

“There aren’t really any effective and safe replacements for silver, except synthetic antibiotics.”

First published, BBC Smart Planet, “Silver: The Harsh Realities Behind Diminishing Supplies,” April, 18, 2012,

Silver is an unusual element in health science. First and foremost it is important to understand that claims made as to specific benefits resulting from the use of Colloidal Silver Use are not the claims of this author but the statements of many physicians, books printed accounts and internet testimonials from the last 103 years. Information conveyed from history beyond the 103 years is based on ancient records and research from Biblical times until recently. Therefore we cannot imply that everyone will experience similar beneficial results.

Many studies seem to reflect that Colloidal Silver use remedy has been proven to be useful against many different infections and is toxic in concentrations of 3 – 5 ppm (parts per million) against all species of fungi, bacteria, protozoa, parasites and certain viruses, in the laboratory, in a petri dish. Doing a little math is in store now. If you start with 3-5 ppm and add this colloidal silver use to 5 liters of fluid such as the amount of blood in a human, you will not have the same results in killing bacteria and virus… YOU WILL NEED MORE PPM of COLLOIDAL SILVER use. Colloidal silver use does not kill or inhibit all forms of bacteria, virus or fungi. Actually, this is good news for us. If colloidal silver use killed all organisms then it would also kill essential healthy flora, necessary to maintain life, both human and animal.
Today various applications of colloidal silver use include oral, topical, by injection, as a nasal, ear or eye drops, vaginal and even on other sensitive tissues. Silver has been applied directly to cuts, scrapes, eczema, acne and open sores. A few drops of colloidal silver use on a Band-Aid and worn over abrasions, open sores and even warts. It has been successfully used in the treatment of these conditions. The colloidal silver use depends on the body weight of an individual and ones metabolism and general health. The least amount of colloidal silver use regarding PPM effectively would be topical use where the colloidal silver use would not be diluted. There are surveys results from many people who have reported the prevention or a reduction of several illnesses during changing seasons or the rapid recovery of current illnesses. It is like having another immune system. After taking an individually determined dosage, people have gone through a “cleansing” of bodily toxins prior to full recovery from illnesses. Documentation reports neither adverse side effects nor any harm to the person taking colloidal silver use according to the manufacturers suggested use or physicians prescription.

Colloidal Silver 1100 PPM is the CS that is recognized as the premier silver for almost 120 years.

colloidal silver use

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Colloidal Silver Uses

Thursday, April 03rd, 2008

Colloidal silver uses have a history of hundreds of years.

It is believed by the researchers working in this field that Colloidal Silver uses may be taken in different ways for specific purposes. The colloidal silver uses suggested are that it may be gargled, dropped into eyes or ears, used vaginally, anally, atomized or inhaled into the nose or lungs.

Some other colloidal silver uses are when taken orally or put on a Band-Aid and applied directly to cuts, scrapes, open sores, warts or used as a rinse for acne, and other skin irritations, although described as colloidal silver uses, none of these uses are approved by any medical or governmental agency.


Colloidal Silver 1100 PPM is the most studied most used colloidal silver worldwide.

Unconfirmed research results and internet reports show colloidal silver uses in the treatment of cancer, hepatitis C, sinusitis, acne, yeast infections, flu, gangrene, colds and other viral and bacteria infections.. Scientist suggest that according to their reports, it depends on the amount of silver in the person’s body in order to see positive results. In the cases of cancer, problems result from the lack of silver in the body. Silver is a needed trace element for good health. When silver was present, the cancer cells stopped their development and the body is basically restored. When levels are low or not-existent, the cancer growth continues to grow because the cells cannot reverse themselves. Researchers also predict colloidal silver uses in AIDS and herpes treatment will be at minimum a support for the immune system. Since in active AIDS, the suppressed immune system of the body is open to all kinds of diseases, Colloidal Silver uses seems to be the perfect non-toxic supplement to use for its wide spectrum immune system support. Certain tests prove that colloidal silver killed not only the HIV Virus (in vitro), but every virus that was tested in the lab. Lab test, in vitro, is certainly different from ingestion of a substance into the body. The reason is if you have a solution of 10 PPM and dilute it with 5 liters of blood the ratio of colloidal silver used to kill virus in a tube or dish is drastically higher than if you ingest the same amount of silver and dilute it with the blood in your system.

There are NO known side affects to taking colloidal silver

when following the suggested manufacturers or physicians suggested use.

Dr. Axe shows the top 8 Colloidal Silver Benefits:

1. Antibacterial

2. Wound Care/Skin Health

3. Pink Eye/Ear Infections

4. Antiviral

5. Anti-Inflammatory

6. Sinusitis

7. Cold/Flu

8. Pneumonia

First published here:


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The greatest of colloidal silver uses of all is as a marvelous support for the immune system as a supplement.

colloidal silver use

colloidal silver use

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