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Colloidal Silver Soap Use

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Colloidal Silver Soap Use starts with the looks of soap, feels like soap and that is as far as the similarities goes. The protection of silver on the body and skin is superb. The fragrance is delightful and the benefits of colloidal silver soap use are numerous.
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There are many different kinds of skin fungi. Yeast infections are also skin fungus. The potential for skin fungus infection is always prevalent. The skin fungus is found on all of our skin.colloidal silver use A weak immune system can allow the skin fungus to grow. Many people develop fungal infections, These skin fungus infections are usually easy to treat as a skin fungus rarely spreads below the skin.

Nail fungus, athlete’s foot, ring worm are a few of the fungi that we are acquainted with, now here is another that has just been classified. Malassezia globosa (M. globosa), is naturally occurring skin fungus responsible for dandruff and other skin disorders in humans. According to Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). Seborrheic and Dandruff dermatitis is found in more than 50 percent of the human population. Other common skin diseases that were found to involve fungus include psoriasis, eczema, and, atopic dermatitis.

Yeast, fungus, bacteria and virus all are killed by colloidal silver in the laboratory dish. The reason for the emphatic “KILL” is the colloidal silver is not diluted and can attack the “germs” in full force. Using colloidal silver directly on skin would not be diluted with 5 liters of blood (if taken internally) so the protection is very good.

Livestock owners, large industry, veterinarians and clean rooms have found that colloidal silver used to sanitize areas contaminated with bacteria, fungi, and virus can be sterilized with this wonderful, natural powerful cleanser that happens to be non toxic to animals and humans.

Colloidal silver soap moisturizes, cleanses and protects the largest organ of the body, our skin. Using the colloidal silver bar to cleanse the scalp as well as the body defines the colloidal silver soap as distinctly different from the ordinary bar of soap . Telling you of the benefits is only a part of the task, actually getting you to feel the difference is the experience we know you will enjoy!

Colloidal silver has been used topically in the medical industry for years to treat newborn infant eyes to guard against transmittal of venereal disease, bandages infused with silver and colloidal silver baths for burn victims to guard against infection. Colloidal silver as a supplement to support the immune system is available as the most popular colloidal silver use. SummerSale

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