Colloidal Silver Use

Colloidal Silver Use

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Where to Buy Colloidal Silver Las Vegas

Friday, July 17th, 2015

Where to Buy Colloidal Silver Las Vegas
What kind of Colloidal Silver?
where to buy best colloidal silver
There are only two kinds of colloidal silver. (Commercially)
1. Mild protein colloidal silver, process is 116 years old. (up to 1100ppm)
2. The second process uses high-voltage electricity. (generally 20 ppm) 25 yrs
Colloidal Silver Concentration ?
Colloidal Silver works topically, as test show all virus & bacteria dead in 4 min. (in vitro)(20 ppm)
Colloidal Silver internally, is diluted with 5-6 liters of blood, if working with an aggressive pathogen it would make sense to use a higher parts per million (ppm) colloidal silver. (up to 1100 PPM)
Colloidal Silver was the main prescription for antibiotic, prior to penicillin.
• Penicillin has started to fail due to virus mutation,
• Creating superbugs that are immune to penicillin.
5 Star Review
When asked where to buy colloidal silver in Las Vegas, my answer is: no matter where you live, you can purchase colloidal silver online at
• I have used this colloidal silver for over 10 years, I have had some amazing results in preventing mass infections from open wounds to insect bites. Colloidal Silver is part of my emergency first aid kit when I travel overseas. I don’t leave home without it!
I give this colloidal silver a five-star ranking in my review.
There are hundreds of colloidal silver uses, the primary use is immune system support.Combating viral or bacteria infections is two uses that have moved to primary use again because the viruses have grown resistant to penicillin.
The answer to Where to buy colloidal silver in Las Vegas is:
By Michael Glatt

Where to buy best colloidal Silver?

Saturday, July 11th, 2015

Where to buy best colloidal Silver?
5 Star Review by Michael V. Glatt
where to buy best colloidal silver
Does colloidal silver work?
These doctors, & many dentist, veterinarians and chiropractors all say yes.
Dr. Mercola, Dr OZ, Dr. Gerry Lemole, (Dr Oz’s father-in-law) Cardiologist,
Dr Sherry Rogers MD, Dr Loren Martin, professor emeritus, medical physiology, OSU
Dr. Josh Axe DC, Dr. Robert C. Beck, D.Sc., Dr. Bruce West, DC
There are only two methods of commercial production of colloidal silver. These methods determine Where to buy best colloidal Silver.
1. Mild Protein (oldest form 115 yrs + most tested)
2. High Voltage (newest process, about 25 years old)

What is in a name or claim?

Mass marketing confusion, another maze for the consumer,

Colloidal silver vs “ionic”, “true”, “advanced”, “high voltage”, “homemade”, “non ionic”, or trademark name (marketing nomenclature used to market a “new” colloidal silver).
Names & Claims falsely identifying a competitor of wrong methods of manufacturing that is not truthful nor substantiated.
Large particle vs smallest particle
ALL colloidal silvers are colloidal which by definition: allows the silver to be absorbed into the blood. These 2 methods produce particles small enough to penetrate virus cell walls. These “measurements of small” are tiny enough to get the job done equally.
Choosing concentration.

Used topically all colloidal silvers are sufficient. (4 min kills most virus & bacteria in a petri dish)
Internally all colloidal silvers are diluted with 5-6 liters of blood. More ppm is better, especially if the virus replicates quickly!
So here is my review:
I chose a company of “Where to buy best colloidal Silver”:
• That has been in business 16 years,
• Offers both kinds of colloidal silver; mild protein up to 1100 ppm and
• High Voltage up to 20 ppm.
• Offers a money back satisfaction Guarantee,
• At a reasonable price,
• Courteous on the phone, (1 580 889 6486)
• Has other colloidal and natural products.
I have used this same company and the same product for 7 years! What a great 5 Star experience!!!

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